10 Ways To Save When You’re Expecting a Baby

How To Save Money When Expecting A Baby Minimize your purchases until after your baby shower. Here’s one that embarrasses my wife – be willing to return/exchange shower gifts.  Better to have want you want then something that you’ll never use. Tell your friends.  Baby needs don’t last forever so there is probably someone who has a kid who just grew out of something.  The would be glad to … [Read more...]

Negotiating for Negotiaphobics: Negotiate Better With This One Skill

I am a bad negotiator.  I hope you won’t remember that when I write my first post on six tips to negotiate successfully.  When I recognized how poorly I negotiated, I decided to buy the book Negotiating For Dummies.  It was a dollar at a second hand store so I thought I could learn something.  Unfortunately, the book did not give me a single tool that I actually applied.  Theoretically, the ideas … [Read more...]

Fifteen Ways to Save Money

Buy the generic brand medicine.  Compare the labels between the name brand and your generic brand.  If that list is essentially the same the product is essentially the same.  The difference?  Marketing. Take your lunch to work.  If you save $5 per lunch during business days you will save $1,300 for the year. Shop the specials at your local grocery stores.  So many of us just throw the weekly … [Read more...]

15 Ways to Save Money When you Fly on your Family Vacation this Summer

A couple of days ago I posted the article: Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Family Road Trip This Summer.  In case you plan to fly on your family vacation here are some suggestions and tips for you. I am assuming you are planning on taking a family vacation this summer.  I hope you're planning on doing it with cash, but I suspect there is not much I can do to change your mind if you're not. So my … [Read more...]

How To Sell On Craigslist

This is the third of a three part series where we are helping you declutter your house, save money, and make money.  Three of the best ways to sell junk things are (1) Ebay – www.ebay.com (2) Garage Sale (3) Craigslist – www.craigslist.org. If you missed either of the first two articles you can view them below: Article #1: Spring Cleaning: Ebay Artcile #2: Spring Cleaning: Have a Garage … [Read more...]

Frugal: To Be or Not to Be

To be frugal is basically to be cheap with the ultimate goal of financial success (my homemade on the spot definition).  I am frugal.  I remember the first person who called me frugal in high school.  I rushed home and opened a dictionary for the first time in months.  When I read the definition I took the statement as a compliment.  The opposite of a frugal person be a … [Read more...]

Shopping at Second Hand Stores: Advantage #1

Technorati Tags: cheap,clothing,shoes,used,second hand Are you too proud to shop at second hand stores?  Are you concerned about the quality of clothing?  Not worth your effort. I am going to be sharing a series of posts with the hope to get you to at least consider putting on a hat and some dark glasses and heading into a second hand store. Exhibit #1: A pair of Asics running shoes … [Read more...]

Save Money by Listening???

Technorati Tags: save,money,ramsey,crown,listening,zencast   At times women tend to complain that men do not listen. Men commonly defend themselves by saying they just have selective listening skills. A few days ago I was in a doctor's office reading a magazine. Actually, I wasn't reading anything because there was nothing of value to read by flipping through a magazine. Sure seemed … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tip: Price Protectr

Here is another quick and easy money saving tip. Check out Price Protectr (not a spelling error). Many stores these days offer a lowest price guarantee. Also many credit cards offer a similar program to purchases you make. But, who is going to continue checking the ads for 30, 60, and 90 days after a purchase? Now enters Price Protectr. If you make a purchase from one of 150 supported stores … [Read more...]