Money Does Buy Happiness (Fulfillment)

One of the premises of the book, Your Money or Your Life, is that there is a positive relationship between spending and fulfillment.  In other words, the more money you spend the more fulfillment you experience.  However, this relationship has a limit.  Thus, while money cannot buy happiness, money can buy fulfillment -but only to a certain point.  The relationship between money and fulfillment is … [Read more...]

Your Money or Your Life: Book Review

Today I am going to give a brief overview of the book Your Money or Your Life.  Let me say from the start that I think this book is a must read for anyone who is young and planning a financially secure future.  Like any book, there are things with which I disagree.  What I like most about the book is its unique and honest approach to financial management.  The book is divided … [Read more...]