A Penny Saved is Another Penny to Give

I like to save money when I shop. I bet you do too, right? I don't like to pay more money for something than it's worth. I bet you don't like to either. My family has made a choice to buy things as cheaply as possible.  We call it missional frugality. We don't try and save money because we're saving up to buy something. We don't try and save money because we need it to get out of … [Read more...]

2011 Goals Review, 2012 Plans, My New Ministry as a Missional Entrepreneur

At the start of 2011, I shared three big goals. They are as follows: Goal #1: By Dec. 2011, I wanted to average as much income online as I did from my full-time job. Less than two weeks later I followed up with a post that said this was a bad goal. Why? The priority should have been honoring God and helping people. If God allowed me to support my family from my online work, then it was for … [Read more...]

Embracing Missional Frugality

Perhaps you’re not familiar with the term missional. Basically, to be missional is to adopt the stance of a missionary in all you do. There’s a lot of buzz right now (at least back when I was able to keep up with the North American buzz) about the concept of churches becoming missional. The call is for churches to do everything with intentionality in order to reach out to those around … [Read more...]