10 Ways To Encourage Your Minister Today

Did you know that ministers and church leaders get discouraged? You are the members of churches.  You are the ones that talk about the ministry with a sense of awe and appreciation. They are the minister, pastors, clergy, and church leaders. They often feel discouraged and unappreciated. Here is what they say: Is this the ministry?  To be misunderstood, unappreciated, alone, and … [Read more...]

An Essential Guide To The Minister’s Salary

I still remember that class clearly. It was an Introduction to Ministry Class I took at Abilene Christian University with Dr. Charles Sibert. We came to the point in the class that we started to talk about the ministers salary negotiations with your church. I immediately felt uncomfortable. Minister salary negotiations and pay packages? I’m going to haggle with a church over my salary? I … [Read more...]