Where to Get Financial Advice

Every formal financial relationship requires a Fiduciary trust.  Wikipedia describes fiduciary as a: good conscience [that] requires one to act at all times for the sole benefit and interests of another, with loyalty to those interests. Put simply, in a fiduciary relationship an advisor will do what is best for you (the client), not what is best for herself (the agent). In The … [Read more...]

The FOURTH thing you can do with money ???

It is common in Christian financial circles to speak of the three things you can do with money. Dave Ramsey and Crown Financial Ministries (along with others I'm sure) say you can: Give Save Spend This is a great, simple summary that is easy to remember. However, a fourth category may clarify our thinking. What about adding the category "live" as something we can do when you … [Read more...]

Begin with the end in mind

Technorati Tags: Seven Habits,Covey,money,financial,help,give,careers What if you were to script your life today? As Stephen Covey says in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Habit Number 2: begin with the end in mind. We ought to do the same in our financial lives. See the end and then decide today based on that end. What do you want to do with your … [Read more...]