Make Money Mystery Shopping

When I introduced 50 part time jobs, one job I did not mention was mystery shopping.  Mystery shopping sounds like a reasonable way to make some extra money.  In addition, it sounds like fun.  In this post we'll find out how to become a mystery shopper. The following post is an email interview I did with Shelia.  You can visit her blogs at If you are … [Read more...]

Make Money: 2010 Census Taker Part Time Work

I love work opportunities that last for a short time period, but give you opportunity to make some good money.  Part time work for the 2010 Census is exactly that type of work.  Since it is highly seasonal, it didn’t make my list of 50 part time jobs.  Nevertheless, it does provide a great earning opportunity. It is a great way to fully fund your emergency fund, pay off debt, take a vacation, or … [Read more...]

Start Your Own Home Based Small Business

As the New Year is looming many people often consider making drastic changes at the turn of the New Year.  One thing people often consider is going into business for themselves.  This is going to be the first post in a five week series on starting your own small business. If you are interested in this topic, I suggest you review options for funding your small business. Starting Your Own … [Read more...]