The Christ-Like Guide to Offering a Complaint for a Bad Business Transaction

I can still feel my blood pumping. Over the last few weeks, I've been negotiating with someone to do some advertising on one of my blogs.  We bounced several numbers and stats back and forth and eventually agreed on a price.  I sent the individual a sample of the ad layout and everything was 'great' according to him. I set everything up and asked for payment. That's when he said the rate … [Read more...]

45+ ‘Two Thumbs Up’ Christian Book Suggestions

A few weeks ago I asked MH4C readers to suggest their favorite books of 2011. Now, we're going to turn that list into some reading suggestions. However, let me begin by saying that this list is not my recommended reading list. I was actually hoping for more overlap so I could pull out some of the most frequently recommended books, but no luck. Craig's Top 9 Recommended Books of 2011 7 Habits … [Read more...]

88 Best Personal Finance Books: As Recommended by Personal Finance Bloggers

How I compiled the list of books of best personal finance books: I read through several personal finance posts that included the best personal finance books.  If a blogger suggested the book, I gave that book a thumbs up.  The book with the most thumbs up is number one. Note: Some authors listed the best persoanl finance books according to category. I did not.  Some authors restricted … [Read more...]