Budget Planning Spreadsheet

Budgeting is one of the important elements of a healthy financial plan.  This free budget budget spreadsheet will help get you started. This free spreadsheet is highly customizable, but will require a minimal knowledge of Excel. This Excel Document is compatible with Excel 97-2003 & Excel 2007: [download id="5"] Instructions to download the free budget spreadsheet: Click on the link … [Read more...]

How To Make Your First Budget

Special Limited Time Offer: Get The Secret to a Successful Budget for 50% off.  Valid through January 31st, 2012. Learning how to make a budget it an important skill.  That is why this blog talks a lot about budgeting: You Might Need a Budget if 20 Reasons to Start a Budget A popular myth is that you can get financially fit even if you don't make a budget.  They say don’t work hard.  … [Read more...]