7 Creative Christmas Traditions

That is partially because I grew up in Papua New Guinea, and she grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Now, we don't do things exactly like either of our families. We've mixed and matched Christmas traditions and come up with our own.  Christmas at the Ford house tends to be a fairly frugal event. Today, I'll share some of our favorite traditions, and I'll be anxious to hear if you have any … [Read more...]

50 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas | Make Personalized Gifts 2012

It happened accidentally. I guess it really happened by circumstances.  Our family (my wife and kids) started giving only personalized homemade Christmas gifts to each other.  When I explained how to cut cost by being resourceful, the truth is that some places require resourcefulness.  We live in one of those places.  As such, for the last three years we have had to make homemade and … [Read more...]