Guilt. A Foe or Friend in Christian Finances?

Right now there is literally $100 under my feet. I got some cash to use as change when people bought my books at a recent seminar. ¬†The unused money was put beside my safe which is on the ground under my desk. ¬†Yesterday, my daughter decided to 'scrubble' (how she says shuffle) it around, and I've not yet taken the time to pick it up and put it in the safe. Ironically, when we lived in PNG, … [Read more...]

Are You Motivated by these 4 Wrong Motives to Give?

Giving is good, right? Perhaps. Deciding if something is good or not cannot be measured by externals. Instead, it must be measured by motives. The 'what are you doing' question doesn't get to the real heart of the issue. However, when we start to ask 'why are you doing it', we'll start making progress. Four Wrong Motives to Give 1. Giving Our of Fear or Guilt Have you ever seen … [Read more...]