No Excuses! How to Continue Giving and Get Out of Debt Faster

Last week I offered a challenge to continue giving while you're trying to get out of debt. Today I want to talk about how this doesn't mean that you need to automatically resign yourself to a longer journey out of debt. I guess it might be possible to have your cake and eat it, too. I've been reading the book Decisions: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work, so I'd like to use a one … [Read more...]

4 Important Biblical Priorities in Giving

This week I've enjoyed reading through a book called Decision Making and the Will of God by Gary Friesen and J. Robin Maxson.  The book is fascinating and has helped provide a lot of important insight about God's will in my life.  One of the unexpected bonuses of the book is that the authors included a chapter on "Giving and Wisdom".  In that section, they outlined what they believe to be the … [Read more...]

Christian Giving: Seeking A Healthy View of Giving and Tithing

When it comes to Christian giving, no one passage has caused as much debate as the following Bible verse: Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. (2 Corinthians 9:7 NIV) This passage seems to carry many of the same concepts as the following Old Testament verse: Give generously to him and do so without a … [Read more...]

50 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas | Make Personalized Gifts 2012

It happened accidentally. I guess it really happened by circumstances.  Our family (my wife and kids) started giving only personalized homemade Christmas gifts to each other.  When I explained how to cut cost by being resourceful, the truth is that some places require resourcefulness.  We live in one of those places.  As such, for the last three years we have had to make homemade and … [Read more...]

What I Learned From Trying To Give Away Free Tickets To AstroWorld: A Giving Effort that Backfired

Since I am in the process of participating in the 10 Day Give event I thought I would share my favorite giving experience.  It is not my favorite experience because the act of charity was received with such joy and appreciation.  It is my favorite because of how difficult I found it to give. Who Wants Free Tickets to AstroWorld? Back in the early 2000’s I joined an energetic group of 11 young … [Read more...]

101 Ways To Give: Time, Money, Energy, and Talents

Ever wanted to give to someone, but excused yourself from proceeding just because you didn’t know what to do?  Perhaps you have wanted to do something nice to someone but know you really can’t afford to give much.  The reality is that God is pleased when we are givers.  What we give can be time, money, energy, and even our talents. Starting today, Bob over at Christianpf is organizing a 10 Day … [Read more...]

A Discussion on Justice and Generosity: Did “The Little Red Hen” Do the Right Thing?

The Little Red Hen is a story I occasionally read to my daughter.  The story is one of justice, independence, with a ‘what goes around comes around’ moral.  It is a classical story with four characters - a goose that is a gossip, a cat that is vain, a dog that snoozes life away, and Mrs. Responsible - a red hen that does all the work.  The hen is always busy with the chores of the house and on one … [Read more...]

Proportionate Giving

Photo by Brent Nelson Discussions regarding tithing and giving can quickly create a lot of discussion in a room full of Christians.  Many Christians have differing ideas and concepts regarding giving and tithing.  As for me, I’m still learning, seeking, studying, and trying to determine if I can ever completely know God’s will for my personal giving role.  You can read some of my thoughts in … [Read more...]

Tithing (Giving) While in Debt

The following is a question related to giving/tithing while in debt that a  reader emailed to me: How do you balance good stewardship and putting God first – or is there a difference? Let’s say you have gotten into a lot of debt, learned a lot of hard lessons and are doing everything possible to improve your financial situation. You have worked diligently to cut expenses wherever possible and … [Read more...]

Is 10% the Same for Everyone?

True or False 10% - it doesn’t matter if you are rich or if you are poor because 10% is 10% and affects everyone equally. Photo by Mr. Kris. I question if giving 10% of everyone's income impacts everyone equally. Let’s take shopping as an example: Assume that last week you bought a bag of rice.  That bag of rice cost you $2.00.  However, through the week due to several different … [Read more...]