Getting Out of Debt: One Simple First Step

I have previously mentioned that debt is something many of us find ourselves ‘in’.  We often never really intended to get here, but lo and behold, so many are bogged down in differing depths of debt.  If you are currently under a heavy burden of debt I encourage you to continue reading. How do you start getting out of debt? The first exercise doesn’t really involve doing anything (initially), … [Read more...]

Bible Thought: Three Men and Their Money

Technorati Tags: Bible,money,Luke,wealth,give Here is a quick thought for you to consider: Luke 17:16-21- As the wealth (blessings increased) this man simply looked for more options for storing the increasing wealth. He horded. The fool is the one who stores up for himself AND is not rich towards God. Luke 19:8 – Zaccheus gives half his possessions away and Jesus says ‘salvation has come to … [Read more...]

Can Money Buy Happiness?

In the book, What Would Jesus Do Today? Mike Cope and Rubel Shelly give us a great list of things money can and cannot provide in our lives. Here is the list: One more trip to the mall cannot fix you. Money Can buy: A house, but not peace Medicine, but not health Amusement, but not joy Therapy, but not healing A bed, but not sleep Allies, but not friends I … [Read more...]

Budgeting: Is it a Waste of Time?

Technorati Tags: budget,finances Photo A Better Way to Budget by Jeff Keen I have the impression that as Christians there is a fear in some of us. We are afraid that if we spend time, energy, and attention dealing with issues related to money we will them be viewed alongside famous money hoarders like Silas Marner or perhaps better the money gathering Ebenezer Scrooge. Setting A Budget Is … [Read more...]

How did we get into this financial mess?

Technorati Tags: debt free,debt,wealth “How did we get to be in this mess?", perplexed people often ponder. When did we choose this life? How did it get to a point that I couldn’t sleep at night? What happened that made me afraid to pick up a phone? When did things get this bad? Drowning in a sea of debt is a conscientious decision few have made. The flaw of many was simply thinking only … [Read more...]