Pay Off Debt or Buy Insurance for Stay at Home Mom?

Every Friday I take a reader’s question and spend some time answering it.  Our question today was submitted via my reader survey.  If you want to ask a question, contact me. If you had to choose between retiring debt and insuring a stay at home homeschooling mom which would be a higher priority and why? I’m a proponent of debt free living.  I’m glad that you’re trying to focus on … [Read more...]

The Attitude Necessary for Getting Out of Debt

The following is a guest post from David.  If you’d like to submit a guest post you can contact me. David is a writer for Money Compare, a website offering people an simple way of comparing high interest savings accounts that give a good return on investment. Its the start of a new year and start of a new decade. Now is always is a good time to be on the road to living debt free. And so … [Read more...]

Start to Get Out of Debt Today With DebtSpark

This guest post was submitted by Kerri Reeves.  She is a guest blogger based in Blue Bell, Pa.  Learn about how to submit your own guest post. Christmas Reflection: Digging Out and Looking Forward The Unfortunate Reality of Christmas Debt With Christmas and New Year's now passed, we reflect on the chaotic season that was. Did we experience the true meaning of holiday spirit with peace of mind … [Read more...]

55 Compelling Reasons to Get Out of Debt

When it comes to money and debt there are essentially only four groups of people Those who are debt free (like me).  Love it. Endorse it. And Preach it.  They can afford a family vacation and do cool stuff like vacation with cash and buy cars with cash. Those who have debt, leverage debt, and feel sorry for people who aren’t smart enough to use debt. Those who have debt, hate it, and are … [Read more...]

Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball: Paying Off Debt Spreadsheet

The intention of this free debt snowball spreadsheet is to allow you to maintain two necessary ingredients of paying off debt. It is a tool to help you get organized.  To help you get organized you'll want to have one of the best personal finance software.  This could be a free money tracking program like Mint or another paid option.  Throughout this process you might want to keep you eye on … [Read more...]

Steps To Get Out of Debt | Step Two

I posted here about your first step to getting out of debt.  Essentially, it was recommended that you track all your spending for 30 days.  At the end of those thirty days sit with your spouse, if you are married, and decide if you like the financial direction you are heading or if it's time for a change.  This second step will not mean anything until you first make the decision that something … [Read more...]

Getting Out of Debt: One Simple First Step

I have previously mentioned that debt is something many of us find ourselves ‘in’.  We often never really intended to get here, but lo and behold, so many are bogged down in differing depths of debt.  If you are currently under a heavy burden of debt I encourage you to continue reading. How do you start getting out of debt? The first exercise doesn’t really involve doing anything (initially), … [Read more...]