One Dollar in the Future

Take a dollar and look at it.  Not really much, is it?  I think that is why dollar stores have become so successful. Consider the following facts from New York Times article Don’t Ask.  You can Afford It: Dollar General 259 of Americas top 500 companies. Dollar Tree now on the list at 499 Dollar General 8,400 stores Family Dollar 6,600 stores Dollar Tree plans to open 235 new … [Read more...]

Poor Man Wins Lottery – Will it Help or Hurt Him?

The following is a short article from The Hamilton Spectator on Saturday, June 6, 2009. A 23-year-old rancher whose family has fallen behind in its taxes and recently had a mobile home repossessed, claimed a $232.1 million Powerball jackpot yesterday, one of the largest single jackpot in the U.S. lottery history … He will take home $88.5 in a lump sum payment after taxes are deducted.  … “I want … [Read more...]

What to do TODAY for TOMORROWS plans

Technorati Tags: college,saving,planning,finances Don’t forget to look ahead.  Ask today questions you wish you had asked yesterday. Look ahead. Dream. Plan.  Then put those things on paper. Here is an example: Topic Question: Do I want my kids to go to college? Depending on how one answers the question there are implications for today.      If you answer no to … [Read more...]

Begin with the end in mind

Technorati Tags: Seven Habits,Covey,money,financial,help,give,careers What if you were to script your life today? As Stephen Covey says in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Habit Number 2: begin with the end in mind. We ought to do the same in our financial lives. See the end and then decide today based on that end. What do you want to do with your … [Read more...]