Freedom, Finances, Debt and the Bible

Happy July 4th! This day called Independence Day signifies an important place in US history.  This day is celebrated with common references to freedom and independence.             Photo by *Micky Freedom as a theme/metaphor in the Bible: Freedom has always been a goal for God’s creation.  The often perplexing part of the creation story is the presence of a delicious looking tree that God … [Read more...]

Debt as a Theme in the Bible

One of the main thematic underpinnings of the Bible is the credit and debt scheme. Man sins by disobedience and is now indebted to God for our sin. It is a debt too great for us to pay. Jesus, the Christ, pays the debt and we are thus set free. When the Bible speaks of financial debt it talks about debt in a way that it disadvantages those who participate in it. Deuteronomy 15:6 (NIV) For the … [Read more...]