20 Reasons to Start a Budget

A budget is a forecasting tool, so it lets you plan your future. Budgeting is a tool that helps you reach your life goals. Every dollar you save by budgeting is better than a dollar you make working. It provides a platform for communication between a husband and wife. Motivation.  When you get a clear vision of your progress each month, you are motivated to continue forward. Self … [Read more...]

Money Saving Monday: Save Money On Groceries

Welcome to our first edition of Money Saving Mondays.  In this afternoon post, I’ll quickly introduce a topic and then let you leave your tips and suggestion.  At the end of the month, I’ll pick my five favorite money saving tips for the month and let the readers vote for their favorite.  Each month the winner will get a special give away. The give away this month is a free premium PocketSmith … [Read more...]