The Single Best Piece of Financial Advice I Can Give

Truly enlightened economic gurus will probably make a case against what I'm going to say. Here's the single best piece of financial advice I can give - seek first his kingdom and his righteousness. Seriously. Some young people are being encouraged to choose careers that pay the best and offer the best opportunity for growth in industries that are emerging. Blahh. Instead, I suggest … [Read more...]

What To Do When God Gives Bad Financial Advice

As Christians, we sometimes stand under the Word of God, and sometimes we stand over the Word of God. We are currently hearing two types of financial advice.  The first is coming from financial gurus, and the second comes from the Word of God.  I’m amazed at how often those to bits of advice agree.  However, there are clearly times when the biblical advice differs from the advice of financial … [Read more...]

Free Financial Check Up Questionnaire

This free download will help you find out exactly where you are financially. You cannot get to where you’re going until you first know where you are – that sounds like something profound someone once said.  If they didn’t, then I’ll take credit for the phrase. One of the best parts of this check up is that both the husband and wife complete the information.  It will help you know if … [Read more...]

Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs to Read In 2010

I subscribe to about 25-30 personal finance blogs.  Each day I get a ton of email.  And sometimes I find it hard to keep up with all the emails.  Today, I wanted to let you know which 10 I find myself reading most frequently. Here is what I look for in personal finance blogs I read: Good, consistent, quality posts that make me think.  Since I only use email to subscribe it is … [Read more...]