How To Hunt for the Brokerage Accounts With the Lowest ETF Fees

I've been doing some research in preparation for some adjustments to my investing.  One of the things I'd like to do is to put some of my money into index fund ETFs. If ETFs are similar (in terms of the holdings), then the biggest factor that will impact your return is the fees you pay for an ETF.  Thus, it's important to search for the lowest ETF fees you can find. For open disclosure, I … [Read more...]

Avoid Bank Fees: Money Saving Monday

Being in PNG has given me some wonderful exposure to ‘creative bank fees’. Last week Friday, I had a Term Deposit (TD) that matured (a TD is just like a CD).  The TD was actually matured 6 months ago, but against my written instructions it was reinvested for another six months.  I did my best to fix the problem, but let’s just say things work differently here in the South Pacific.  I … [Read more...]