8 Reasons Why Christians Need to Talk about Money

I grew up believing that discussions about money carried a certain amount of ‘unholiness’.  Those who are truly spiritual elevate themselves above such petty issues and instead focus on discussions of salvation, justification, sanctification, heaven, and hell.  I assumed that the truly holy are those with minimal bank account balances.  The man who squanders all his money on fast food, cars, … [Read more...]

Christian Workaholics | Lessons From The Sabbath Principle

What you do is not who you are.  Unfortunately, too many of us have bought into the lies of efficiency and productivity.  We’ve come to accept that being busy is always the most virtuous path.  We run around at work, at home, in the community, and even in church, but sometimes we feel like we never really accomplish anything.  At times, we need to stand back, sit down, and evaluate. Today … [Read more...]