When Am I Financially Ready to Be Engaged?

Each Friday, I answer a reader’s question.  If you want to submit a question, you can contact me today.  Using the survey, a reader asked, “How should my finances look before getting engaged?” In a previous series, I outlined 5 essential financial choices for young people.  In that series, I was hoping to teach young people how to put themselves in a good financial position so they could … [Read more...]

101 Ways To Improve Your Marriage Money Relationship

  So here it is.  One big fat list on how to improve your marriage money relationship with your spouse.  Interestingly, many of those things listed do not directly relate to money.  But, if you can’t get together on all levels – spiritually, emotionally, and physically then it will be hard to connect financially.  When your entire relationship is healthy it will flow into your marriage money … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Small Business Without Losing Your Family

Unfortunately, work often competes with family.  Ideally, the two would work together, but … The small business owner always feels this tension.  The traits that make a small business person successful in the work place include strong work ethic, creativity, and determination.  The book Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: How to Become an Effective Leader by Confronting Potential … [Read more...]

Finding True Joy and Meaning

Because it is not the main focus of this blog I have not posted much on my personal life happenings.  But, today I wanted to take a moment for a little life introspection. At this moment I am looking out a window over the empty plains of Cheyenne, Wyoming.  I will be here for a month visiting my in-laws.  As missionaries who live in Papua New Guinea, we value every moment we get to spend with … [Read more...]

15 Ways to Save Money When you Fly on your Family Vacation this Summer

A couple of days ago I posted the article: Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Family Road Trip This Summer.  In case you plan to fly on your family vacation here are some suggestions and tips for you. I am assuming you are planning on taking a family vacation this summer.  I hope you're planning on doing it with cash, but I suspect there is not much I can do to change your mind if you're not. So my … [Read more...]