Can You Afford a Family Vacation?

My wife and I ask this question every year. You should know that we are big promoters of vacations.  I am a fan of the work hard, play hard philosophy.  Past vacations continue to linger as some of our favorite family memories. Family Vacation as an Investment When you think investments are all about money, you’ve got everything wrong.  An investment is simply something your give part of … [Read more...]

15 Ways to Save Money When you Fly on your Family Vacation this Summer

A couple of days ago I posted the article: Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Family Road Trip This Summer.  In case you plan to fly on your family vacation here are some suggestions and tips for you. I am assuming you are planning on taking a family vacation this summer.  I hope you're planning on doing it with cash, but I suspect there is not much I can do to change your mind if you're not. So my … [Read more...]