When are You a Doofus for Driving Out of the Way for Cheap Gas?

I sat paralyzed (not literally) at the intersection. Just a few moments before, I pulled up my Gas Buddy app ( a free App I highly recommend) and found out what I always found out - that Sam's Club had the cheapest gas in town.  The Sam's was 1.5 miles in the wrong direction.  The gas gauge was on empty. The closest gas station that I'd be passing had gas for $3.25 per gallon, but it was … [Read more...]

Save Money On Heating And Cooling Costs

10 Ways To Save Money On Heating And Cooling Costs Do an energy audit of your house, identifying areas where heated air is leaking out. Close off the leaks using caulk, weather stripping, and other appropriate means. When heating your home, turn down the thermostat by 3-5 degrees when you're at home. When heating your home, set the thermostat to 55 degrees, or turn off the heating system … [Read more...]