How To Expect the Unexpected and Never Miss a Payment

There are a lot of unexpected events that happen in our lives.  Yet, we should expect the unexpected. Here's how I think most of us live: We stand at the edge of a financial cliff.  The slightest breeze, push, or shake will cause us to topple down the cliff.  The breeze could be an unexpected emergency expense like a broken appliance or medical procedure.  The push could come from a job loss … [Read more...]

Fully Funded Emergency Fund: The 8 Benefits

Over the last few weeks my family has reminded me of the importance of a fully funded emergency fund. In the last couple of months we’ve had termites, a broken oven, truck air conditioning that went out, and our microwave is on life support.  While none of those events were pleasant, I’m thankful that we had a fully funded emergency fund to absorb both the cost and the stress. 8 Advantages to … [Read more...]

2010 Financial Goals

Just like the rest of you, I have certain goals and adjustments that I make every year. One of the frustrating things about financial management is that we often have so many choices and we rarely know what is right.  Sometimes we just want a point of reference. Blogs are by design an extremely open and intimate form of communication.  Therefore, in order to help you I have decided to tell … [Read more...]