4 Debts You Should Try to Avoid

Excessive use of debt can be a major hindrance to your financial independence. Although sometimes unavoidable, here are four debts you should try to avoid as much as you can. Credit Card Debt Most of our debt problems come from the overuse or misuse of credit cards. Here are some interesting stats from the Federal Reserve's latest Survey of Consumer Finances for 2007. 46% of families have a … [Read more...]

What the Bible Says About Credit and Debt

What is a Debt? Every debt you assumes leaves you, the individual ‘in debt’. Who wants to be 'in debt'? And what does it mean to be 'in debt'? Being 'in debt' tends to have a negative implication. But getting debt presents itself as the sophisticated means of getting wealth. A debt is never assumed without an obligation. A debt, therefore, always costs some level of freedom. The amount of debt … [Read more...]