Getting Out of Debt: One Simple First Step

I have previously mentioned that debt is something many of us find ourselves ‘in’.  We often never really intended to get here, but lo and behold, so many are bogged down in differing depths of debt.  If you are currently under a heavy burden of debt I encourage you to continue reading. How do you start getting out of debt? The first exercise doesn’t really involve doing anything (initially), … [Read more...]

4 Reaons Why People Go Into Debt

Reasons Why People Go Into Debt In his book Taming the Money Monster well-known Christian financial counselor Ron Blue introduces his readers to common reasons why people go into debt: Lack of Discipline Lack of Contentment Search for Security Search for Significance Too Much Debt Comes From A Lack of Discipline If I were to rate these I would put the lack of discipline … [Read more...]