Bible and Money: Faith Foundations of MH4C

This post is a continuation of a series on MH4C Faith Foundations where I am introducing my readers to the core beliefs of MH4C. What is the Goal of Money Help For Christians? While I hope the title is a good first indication, it is also somewhat misleading. In fact, if I could go back and change the title I would. Unfortunately, some readers have assumed that Money Help For Christians … [Read more...]

How Not to Recover from Bankruptcy

Parade (an insert in the Houston Chronicle) on August 16, 2009 had an article entitled, “How to Bounce Back From Bankruptcy”.  The article written by George Anders.  From the moment my eyes glanced across the introduction I knew I was in for an especially frustrating treat.  Debt is Not the Solution to Bankruptcy Interestingly, the article tells that one million Americans filed bankruptcy in … [Read more...]

Getting Out of Debt: Step Three

You can view the first two steps for getting out of debt below. Step One: Track your spending for 30 days Step Two: Get 10% of your monthly income into the bank account Step Three: Set Goals and Make it Permanent The first two steps for getting out of debt have simply been appetizers.  They are not intended to move you in a long way out of debt, but to get you prepared to make that move … [Read more...]

Getting Out of Debt: One Simple First Step

I have previously mentioned that debt is something many of us find ourselves ‘in’.  We often never really intended to get here, but lo and behold, so many are bogged down in differing depths of debt.  If you are currently under a heavy burden of debt I encourage you to continue reading. How do you start getting out of debt? The first exercise doesn’t really involve doing anything (initially), … [Read more...]

What the Bible Says About Credit and Debt

What is a Debt? Every debt you assumes leaves you, the individual ‘in debt’. Who wants to be 'in debt'? And what does it mean to be 'in debt'? Being 'in debt' tends to have a negative implication. But getting debt presents itself as the sophisticated means of getting wealth. A debt is never assumed without an obligation. A debt, therefore, always costs some level of freedom. The amount of debt … [Read more...]