10 Ways to Cut Your Commuting Costs

10 Ways to Cut Your Commuting Costs Carpool - Partner with one or more coworkers and take turns driving each other to and from work. You can cut your costs (parking, tolls, gas) in half or better - depending on how many people in your carpool. Public Transportation - If public transportation is an option in your area, it may likely be cheaper than driving to work every day. Telecommuting … [Read more...]

Cut Cable TV and Still Watch TV On the Cheap

Some folks have trouble making their budget,but insist on keeping the cable for entertainment purposes.  However, if you can’t afford it, you should cut cable TV because you will still be able to keep up with some of your favorite T.V. shows.  The internet, newspapers, and coworkers will keep you abreast on all the current news happenings.  It all just makes me wonder – do we really need … [Read more...]