How to Graduate from College without Student Loan Debt

There is something called the ‘student loan myth’.  The student loan myth is the assumption that it is impossible to graduate from college without student loans.  Those who believe this myth think that if they are going to go to college, they MUST get student loans.  This type of default thinking is financially dangerous. The Danger of Default Thinking Default - a : a selection made usu. … [Read more...]

How Many Bank Accounts Do You Have?

What’s Your Take?  How Many Financial Accounts Do You Have? This week I had a couple of posts on other sites that I wanted to open up for feedback.  You can either send an email (mhforc at gmail dot com) or leave a comment below.  At Bible Money Matters I asked about How Many Financial Accounts Should You Have? In the post I encouraged readers to simplify their finances. So how many bank and … [Read more...]

Avoid $13,160 in Interest Payments & Get a College Degree

Too many people are playing financial catch-up. They made a dumb mistake or several dumb mistakes that unintentionally put them years behind on their current financial goals. In this upcoming series will look at the things you (as a young adult) can decide now to avoid YEARS of financial regret. Here's the topics we'll cover: Decide you will pay for and save for as much for … [Read more...]

What to do TODAY for TOMORROWS plans

Technorati Tags: college,saving,planning,finances Don’t forget to look ahead.  Ask today questions you wish you had asked yesterday. Look ahead. Dream. Plan.  Then put those things on paper. Here is an example: Topic Question: Do I want my kids to go to college? Depending on how one answers the question there are implications for today.      If you answer no to … [Read more...]