The Hidden Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

As the New Year is in full swing, you may have made resolutions that include decluttering your home. This is one resolution that some allow to fall through the cracks, or if they do get to it, they wait until the annual ritual of Spring cleaning to get motivated (unless we are talking about disposing of unwanted Christmas gifts). Although this may be tempting, there are several reasons why … [Read more...]

Sell on Ebay: Tips For New Ebay Sellers

This is the first of a three part series where we will help you de-clutter your house, save money, and make money.  Three of the best ways to sell junk things are (1) Ebay – (2) Garage Sale (3) Craigslist – Article #2: Spring Cleaning: Have a Garage Sale Article #3: Spring Cleaning: Sell Something on Craigslist I am excited about introducing a few quick … [Read more...]