Is the Rich Fool the Modern Day Retiree?

I believe that we all know the story of the 'rich fool' (Luke 12:13-21). A few weeks ago, I was listening to a sermon podcast by John Piper (Let's Be Rich Toward God), and I got the most unpleasant feeling in my stomach.  He correctly noted that the problem with the rich fool was that he stored up riches for himself and was not rich towards God. Part of the issue is the man's approach, … [Read more...]

The Unpopular Truth About the Dangers of a Dave Ramsey Only Approach to Christian Finances

No one wants to write a post like this. It's so easy to be misunderstood and misinterpreted. It also makes me, the author, sound like a grumpy young man. But, something's been troubling me. So, I feel like I must write this post. I'm concerned by the direction Christian finances is heading. To be blunt, I'm concerned about the amount of Christians who allow Dave Ramsey to be the sole … [Read more...]

Christian Personal Finance Blogs | January Highlights

Each month I take time to highlight some of the activities from the Christian personal finance niche.  I know it is hard to follow every blog, so at least now you can be sure to check out the best of the best Christian personal finance articles from January. Each blog owner contributes an article for each of the following categories: Best For Christians Most Discussed Most Popular … [Read more...]

Should I Save For Retirement or Give that Money Instead?

Editor’s note: I wrote this article a long time ago (August).  I’ve never been closer to pulling an article off my posting schedule (I’m writing this within three hours of posting time).  In some posts, like this one, I try to challenge your thinking without necessarily dictating an action for you.  I’m trying to challenge traditional thinking in light of the gospel.  If your thinking was … [Read more...]

December Christian Blog Roundup

Several months ago I started doing a roundup that highlighted some of the Christian blog activity around the web.  Originally, the report was only available to MH4C Special Reports subscribers.  However, I have decided that in 2010 this information would better serve everyone if it was available on my blog. I would love to add more blogs to the roundup so if you want to suggest another … [Read more...]

How Can Christians Find A Right Saving Balance?

In response to the post what does the bible teach about saving money a reader left a comment and asked : We must find the right – God pleasing – balance of saving." How would you know what that is? If I save to maintain the same lifestyle (based on my income) that I want in retirement that I have in my working years, that would be different for each person. Who gets to decide (judge) what is … [Read more...]

Christians, Retirement, and the Bible

Retirement planning. IRA’s, 403(b)s, 401Ks, dollar cost averaging, mutual funds. There is a plethora of topics related to retirement. There are blogs, websites, and financial calculators to help with the process. Since the very earliest posts on this blog, I have made it my goal to think critically, evaluate motivations, and establish the true biblical teachings associated with many … [Read more...]

Financial Parables – Your Saving Grace

This guest post is contributed by Rachel King, who writes on the topic of Christian Universities . Rachel welcomes your comments at her email address: Money simply does not have the value it once did. There’s only so much you can stretch that dollar and it’s not going very far. Today, although you earn much more than your parents did, it’s still not enough because your … [Read more...]

The Importance of Attitude for Christian Finances

Christians can do the right things with the wrong attitude and this ultimately makes their actions wrong. Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-10) What these two did was amazing. They gave more than I have ever given on a single occasion.  This couple sold a piece of property and gave a substantial amount to the church. The problem is that they misrepresented the sale price.  They said it … [Read more...]

Are Some Money Topics Unrelated to the Bible?

The Money Tree I hope the money tree will help you catch a glimpse of why it is important to write practical application posts.  Jesus, in all his teachings about money, was helping establish the foundation or our roots with money.  If the tree is not connected to those roots it dies.  Financial failure happens not when you make a bad investing choices or a  poor credit decision, but when your … [Read more...]