Credit Card Advantages Over Cash

Hey all – I’m on the fence.  Can someone talk me out of it, or should I go back to being a credit card user because there are obviously credit card advantages. Several weeks ago I asked the question Does spending cash really save money when compared to credit cards? My conclusion was that people spend less with cash.  The more I have reflected on that post, I feel it is necessary to follow up … [Read more...]

Our Family Guidelines for Using Credit Cards

I mentioned yesterday that our family has decided that we spend less when we use cash instead of credit cards.  Yet, I mentioned that we do still have and use credit cards. Photo by mangpages. Here are our family credit card guidelines: If we are going to buy a single item purchase over $100 and we decide to buy it before going to the store, we will use a credit card.  Here’s why.  … [Read more...]

Does Spending Cash Really Save Money When Compared to Using a Credit Card?

In 2006 my wife and I attended a Dave Ramsey Live Event.  If you happen to be unfamiliar with Dave Ramsey he doesn’t like credit cards.  Actually, he hates them.  If he had it his way he would gather up all the credit cards in the world, shred them, burn them, encase them in cement, then drop it into the deepest spot in the ocean.  I think you get my drift. Here is why Dave Ramsey doesn’t like … [Read more...]