Credit Cards Vs. Cash: Do I Really Spend More With Credit?

I previously attempted to answer this question – do you spend more with credit cards?  Unfortunately, I realized my attempt to answer that question was flawed for a couple of reasons.  First, I have no idea how YOU use your card.  All I can address is the question – do I spend more with credit cards?  Second, I didn’t factor any of the following:  Overseas currency exchange savings by using … [Read more...]

How to Make Sure it is Safe to Use Your Credit Card Online

This is a guest article from an Australian personal finance writer Fred Schebesta Craig Here: I almost edited some of Fred’s spelling into American spelling, but alas I embraced the Canadian in me and left some good old fashion spelling in the post. Credit card holders fall into two distinct groups – those who use their cards for everything online, in person and over the phone, and those who … [Read more...]

A Guide For Getting Out Of Credit Card Debt

Whatever it was, I’m glad you are now convinced – credit card debt is bad. Credit card debt will easily destroy your plans for any kind of a sensible financial future.  So, good for you.  Let’s get rid of the credit card debt so you can get out of debt. Get Out of Credit Card Debt: The 8 Steps 1.  Remember that things will probably get worse before they get better. Many credit card users … [Read more...]

Credit Card Advantages Over Cash

Hey all – I’m on the fence.  Can someone talk me out of it, or should I go back to being a credit card user because there are obviously credit card advantages. Several weeks ago I asked the question Does spending cash really save money when compared to credit cards? My conclusion was that people spend less with cash.  The more I have reflected on that post, I feel it is necessary to follow up … [Read more...]

Does Spending Cash Really Save Money When Compared to Using a Credit Card?

In 2006 my wife and I attended a Dave Ramsey Live Event.  If you happen to be unfamiliar with Dave Ramsey he doesn’t like credit cards.  Actually, he hates them.  If he had it his way he would gather up all the credit cards in the world, shred them, burn them, encase them in cement, then drop it into the deepest spot in the ocean.  I think you get my drift. Here is why Dave Ramsey doesn’t like … [Read more...]