How to Find the Best Prices on Books: With A Guide For College Students

The best place to get books is at your local library because you do not pay anything.  Another great source for cheap books is your local second hand store.  However, in school you need to have your own book and it is hard to find specific books at a second hand store. Photo by Mild Mannered Photographer Four Tips for College Students to Help Decrease the Cost of Text Books Contact your … [Read more...]

Top 10 Christian Personal Finance Books

Photo by trazomfreak I have compiled a list of books written by Christians that relate to various aspects of money management from a Christian perspective.  I have listed them in order with number one being my top recommendation. 1.  The Bible 2.  Richard Foster. The Challenge of the Disciplined Life: Christian Reflections on Money, Sex, and Power 3.  Dave Ramsey. The Total Money … [Read more...]

Be a Life Long Learner: Book Week 2009

My wife is an educator.  She is a successful educator and never has had trouble getting or keeping a job because (1) she is a great teacher (2) she know how to interview for a teaching job. Interviewer: "What is the most important thing you want to teach the students?” Mrs. Ford: “I want to teach all of my students to be life long learners.” Interviewer: “You have the job.” I suspect … [Read more...]