Cost of Living Increase | Thriving Without One

As Bob at ChristianPF reported, this will be the first year since 1975 since the Social Security Administration will not be adding on a cost of living increase.  In addition, there are numerous companies who are not offering cost of living increases.  This really is not much of a shock considering the events of the last 18 months.  One sign that the economy is recovering is that people are now … [Read more...]

MH4C’s New Look: Weekly Roundup

If you are reading today’s post through RSS or email you might want to get over to to see some (what I hope are) improvements to the site.  Through the formatting process I learned something about myself.  I love to write, but I sure do not enjoy the technical aspect of blogging.  Now that the theme is almost set I can get back to focusing on my … [Read more...]

Attention Readers: MH4C Book Club

When I was in high school my teachers were quite concerned because I never really developed a love for reading.  When we would go on family vacations I would get so frustrated because all my parents and brothers wanted to do was lay around and read.  I wanted to get out and play.  Sometime after high school I recognized the value of reading.  Ever since I started reading I have … [Read more...]