Which Computer Should I Buy? Apple or PC ?

I’ve never shied away from a riveting debate, but I’m not sure if I can handle this one … But, since I need your help … In a short while I’m going to be on the market for a new computer. I’ve thought about buying a Mac, but I’m not sure if it is worth the extra expense. Since I have some of the smartest readers in the world, I thought I’d ask you to help me decide - Apple or PC?  By … [Read more...]

How To Help Teens Deal With Spending and Consumerism

Millions, if not billions, of dollars are spent each year creating a materialistic appetite in teenagers.  Parents have a huge responsibility teaching their kids about issues related to teens and spending.  How Advertising To Teens Has Impacted Teens Spending Habits Back in the day,an advertiser was given the job of marketing a great product.  The product filled a need and the advertiser was … [Read more...]