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I know this is not a tech site that teaches you all about blogging and blogging features.  However, I also know many of us (notice I include myself) don’t know a lot about getting the most of the blog sites we visit.

This post will show you how to SUBSCRIBE to Money Help For Christians:

If you don’t know anything about RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds you might want to watch this short video first.

Want to subscribe to Money Help For Christians?  Here’s how to subscribe via an rss feed:

When you go to you will notice there is a button on the homepage that looks like this:

The button is to the right of the Money Help For Christians Title

RSS Feed

If you click on “Grab our rss feed” you will see the following:


From there you can choose one of the applications like Bloglines, Yahoo, or Google.  I am a Google user so I use Google Reader.  I just click on the Google image in the above picture.

From there you can follow the prompts to add to Google’s homepage or to add to Google reader.  Again if you follow multiple blogs add it to the reader.  If this is the only blog you wish to follow you might put it in your Google homepage.

Rss feed 4

Once you have finished assigning your preferred method you can view all the recent posts via either your iGoogle homepage or Google reader (depending on which you selected).

Now you just need to enjoy keeping up with Money Help For Christians.

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