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This guest post was submitted by Kerri Reeves.  She is a guest blogger based in Blue Bell, Pa.  Learn about how to submit your own guest post.

Christmas Reflection: Digging Out and Looking Forward

The Unfortunate Reality of Christmas Debt

With Christmas and New Year’s now passed, we reflect on the chaotic season that was.

Did we experience the true meaning of holiday spirit with peace of mind and heart? Was Jesus truly “the reason for the season”? Did we learn to be better Christians by loving completely, praying deeper, giving more?

Well hopefully, we didn’t give too much more.

Once celebrations are complete and the holiday lights go dim, many people are faced with an unfortunate reality: Christmas debt.

The desire to please our loved ones is often quenched by fulfilling their material wishes and wants. The giving of gifts, ideally simple tokens of remembrance, often take form as displays of affection, status symbols, excessive indulgences and consequently, result in stress for the givers come January.

Not that December’s splurge wasn’t fun while it lasted. But the blissful ignorance of overspending, then masked by Christmas joy, must be accounted for today.

Free Tool to Help You Get Out of Debt Today: DebtSpark

Believe it or not, however, most of us are unaware of how much debt we carry–and in general how our spending compares to our income. A new simple Web-based tool called DebtSpark ( can serve as a solid, step-one tool for coming out of the holiday haze.

Simply enter personal income, expenses and debt to see your current financial snapshot–and a true understanding of financial health’s “big picture.” Weigh your stack of bills with your income to determine if your holiday cheer has left a trail of red or black. You can chart and graph progress over time, too, with this simple and secure solution.

It’s a new year, for new goals, hopes and habits. DebtSpark will put the wheels of financial freedom into motion, helping you confront the ghosts of a credit-filled Christmas.

Intro to Debt Spark

Debt Spark 2

Debt Spark 3

Editors Note: After meeting Kerri through some email discussions, I asked her to submit this post because I thought this free product would be both beneficial and useful for you.  If you are in debt, upside down in debt, and trying to get out of debt, check out the free DebtSpark product.  You could also consider a FREE 14-day trial – Get out of Debt with DebtGoal (affiliate link) or a free downloadable paying off debt spreadsheet.

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