How to Have a Sucessful Garage Sale

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This is the second of a three part series where we will help you declutter your house, save money, and make money.  Three of the best ways to sell junk things are (1) (2) Garage Sale (3)  Stay tuned this week for the next posts.  Scheduled to post May 23rd, 2009.

Article #1: Sell Something on Ebay.  Ebay article you can read it here.

Article #3: Sell Something on Craigslist

What are the advantages of a garage sale (especially compared to Ebay and Craigslist):

  1. Sell a bunch of stuff fast.  The garage sale is the single best way to clear out a bunch of things in one event.
  2. Great way to meet people.  Garage sales provide wonderful chances to encourage people, get to know the neighbors, and even share about your faith.
  3. Typically there are not costs involved (unless you advertise).
  4. Perfect for non-computer or internet users (I guess that’s not you if you’re reading this blog.  Print this up and give it to your granny if you want).

What to Sell at a Garage Sale:

My garage sale rule of thumb is put it out to sell it.  If it doesn’t sell you just need to put it back in the closet.  Again, you might be surprised at what will sell.

How to price your garage sale items:

Garage sale items are typically ‘cheap’.  People will scoff if they see outrageous prices.  However, people love to barter at garage sales so increase the price a little so that when they negotiate with you, you can still get your desired price.

Ask a person who usually goes to garage sales and they could tell you how much books, clothes, and furniture typically cost.

Tips and things to know:

  1. Don’t pay to advertise your garage sale.  Just put a bright sign out by the road.  Be respectful and take the sign down at the end of the day.  If there are free advertising options take advantage of them.
  2. Start early.  Seasoned garage sellers like to get an early start. Be sure you are ready when they are.  Hey, I’m only asking you to give up one Saturday morning rest.
  3. On a hot day sell cold drinks.  People always appreciate a cool refreshing beverage.
  4. Check your community calendar.  If it is a busy weekend, don’t have your garage sale.
  5. Ask your neighbors if they want to have a garage sale also.  The larger the garage sale (sales) the more people typically meander around.
  6. Make it a charity event.  Give away whatever is unsold.  Load it up and take it to a second hand store.

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