Sell on Ebay: Tips For New Ebay Sellers

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This is the first of a three part series where we will help you de-clutter your house, save money, and make money.  Three of the best ways to sell junk things are (1) (2) Garage Sale (3)

Article #2: Spring Cleaning: Have a Garage Sale

Article #3: Spring Cleaning: Sell Something on Craigslist

I am excited about introducing a few quick things about Ebay.  I helped to partially fund my Master’s Degree by selling things on Ebay.  Perhaps in the future I will go into detail about that endeavor, but for now let’s stick with the subject.

What are the advantages of selling something on Ebay (especially compared to a garage sale and Craigslist):

  1. Get the most money for your item.  There is a huge number of people who buy on Ebay so you have a ton of people viewing your item.
  2. You can sell something you might not otherwise sell.  If you have an item that most people wouldn’t appreciate its worth, selling it on Ebay will help you track down those who know the value of your specialized item.
  3. Easy to set up and get started.

What should you sell on Ebay:

Anything.  As a guide I would search on Ebay for the exact items you might want to sell.  Notice how many people have bid for it and how much the item is selling for.  This tells you (1) how much you could likely get for you item, and (2) if it will sell.

How much does it cost to use Ebay:

There is no cost to sign up and register for Ebay.  Ebay does, however, charge you fees for items you plan to sell.  Here is a quick overview of the cost.  For more information you might want to go here.

Ebay Capture

Tips and things to know:

  1. Have your bidding end in the evening.  There will be lots of people online at that point.
  2. Confirm out the estimated shipping cost.  The last thing you want to do is lose money because you undersold an item.
  3. Include a picture.
  4. Offer a ‘buy it now’ option.  Some people might be interested in the product but don’t want to wait 7 days till the auction ends.  Give them the choice to buy it now.
  5. Put as many items up for bidding at the same time.  This way when it comes time for shipping you only need to make one visit to the post office.
  6. If you only have a couple of items, ask a friend if they will sell it for you.  Just be sure to give them a little tip.
  7. For a guide on using Ebay, just google ‘selling things on Ebay’ and you will get a million articles to read.  And no, I don’t plan to read them all first and tell you which is the best.  If anyone has a suggestion, please leave a comment.
  8. Enjoy the process.  You could decide you love it and want to Ebay part time for extra income.
  9. Don’t pay a lot of money for items in which to ship your content.  Just stick it in a cardboard box and write the address with a sharpie.

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