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I’ve had an introspective week.  Next month (May) marks some big events for me.

  1. I will celebrate 10 wonderful years of marriage.
  2. I’ll be making a trip to the United States, Canada, and Australia – US and Canada without my family :(.  (I’ve never been away from them for more than a week – blahh)
  3. Money Help For Christians will turn one year old. 

Since I’m coming up on one year of blogging, I want to reflect a little bit on that experience. 

Living in a place with some of the world’s most expensive internet and often unreliable service is a bad combination.  This week, our internet has been especially bad.  I’m still extremely thankful that I even have internet, but it’s hard not to get frustrated.  I see the clock ticking while my internet moves the pace of a snail. 

I feel like I should get a blogging handicap because of my internet issues.  I know that if I had high speed internet in North America I could accomplish twice as much (sometimes more) in the same amount of time. 

Nevertheless, I realize that in so many ways the blog has surpassed my expectations.  I’m thankful for each and every person who decides to take time to read this material on a daily basis.

Three New Announcements

I’ll be joining the Yakezie challenge

For those of you who do not know, the Yakezie Challenge is a collaborative effort where participating blogs seek to cross promote each other to help improve their Alexa rank (Alexa is just one way of measuring blog traffic).

For readers, this just means I will be highlighting some of the activities of different participants in the challenge.

Thanks to Sam at Financial Samurai for setting up the group.

Bite Size Personal Finance Series

I’m in the process of creating The Bite Size Personal Finance Series.  The series of eBooks will provide guidance, assistance, and help for very specific stages on your financial journey. With this series, you can buy only the books that fill a void in your own financial plan.  Once you master that skill, you can move on to the next.

My priority and my focus has always been my writing – and it will continue to be my focus. 

You can expect to see the first eBook early this summer.

New MH4C posting schedule

With introspection often comes changes.  Lord willing, changes for the better :). 

Monday – Tuesday morning posts: anything goes – on the topic of personal finances.

Monday afternoons: I’m going to start a new series of posts called Money Saving Monday.   Basically, I’ll introduce a topic and perhaps give a few money saving tips.  From there, I’ll leave most of the work up to you.  Leave a comment with your favorite money saving tip on that topic.  At the end of each month, I’ll select my five favorite money saving ideas from the month and my readers can vote for their favorite tip.  Whoever gets the vote wins a prize. 

Wednesday: Bible and money related post

Thursday: Answer a reader’s question.  If you have a question, you can contact me.

Friday: Roundup where I highlight articles I’ve enjoyed reading.

And now, to the roundup.

I did a guest post at Heavenly Homemakers and I asked the question How much should you pay a babysitter?  The post might not be worth much, but there are a lot of great comments that might help you get an idea how much you should be paying your babysitter. 

Articles I enjoyed reading this week

Last week when I did my Christian blog roundup I missed an article.  Jason Price at One Money Design wrote about What the Bible Says About Money:  Family.

Free Money Finance asks Where Did All the Givers Go?.  He shares some very poor giving stats for Christians.

Five Cent Nickel had an excellent article on Setting Up Your Freelance Business.  If you are earning an extra income from a side job, you’ll find this article very helpful.

Len Penzo always has articles of interest.  This week he shares a Taste-Test Experiment: An All-Kid Panel Evaluates Name-Brand vs. Store-Brand Cereals.  Len gets a group of kids to see if they can REALLY tell the difference between name-brand and store-brand products. 

A guest post (from Pop Economics) at the Consumerist commentary talks about The Wrong Reason to Dollar-Cost Average.  I don’t quite agree with everything in the post, but it does remind us that there are cases where DCA might not be the best investment strategy.

The Wealth Pilgrim reminds us that just because it’s deductible doesn’t mean it’s smart.  How true.  What makes us think we are getting a good deal when we spend more money?  Interesting.

Bucksome Boomer asks Do You Have a List?  By this, she means a list of goals you want to accomplish in your life.

Seth Godin will get you thinking with Fear of philanthropy (avert your eyes)

Personal Finance by the Book shares Five Reasons Why a Penny Saved is Better Than a Penny Earned.  Unfortunately, in PNG they took their equivalent of the penny out of circulation.  I wonder if the same principles apply to a dollar saved?

The Oblivious Investor asks some great questions on Backtesting Investment Strategies.  The post has some great things to say about the difficulty of backtesting.

Fiscal Geek reminds you that You Are Self Employed Even if you Work For Someone Else

Debt Free Adventure has a post from The Wealth Pilgrim where Neil has the audacity to imply that there might be something good about mutual funds.  He discusses EFT investing and Mutual Funds.

Green Panda Treehouse asks How Many Credit Cards Should You Have?  My wife always says one less, and I always say one more. 


Festival of Frugality #223,

Carnival of Money Stories

Carnival of Personal Finance, Carnival of Personal Finance #249

Best of Money Carnival

This officially ends what I consider to be my longest roundup ever.


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