Short Term Missions Handbook

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Over the last few months my wife and I have spent our evenings huddled around our laptops.

Earlier this year we were talking about some of our short term missions experiences.  Somehow by the end the conversation we decided we would co-authoring a book written specifically for short term missionaries.

The book walks you through all of the important stages of mission trip planning – pre-trip preparations, on field practices, and the necessary attitude for a successful transition back home.

We knew this was a needed resource for short term missionaries.

Why Write A Short Term Missions Handbook?

For any of you who have evshort term missions handbooker been on a short term mission trip you know that this is a time with equal portions of both excitement and uncertainty.

Traveling overseas can be an intimidating prospect.  You’ll deal with new cultures, new languages, new foods, and new practices.  In the midst of all this novelty you seek something familiar.  This eBook will help guide short termers through all the stages of the mission trip.

In the Short Term Missions Handbook we wanted to be sure that every short term missionary is prepared for their upcoming trip.  Since short term mission trips are so short there is not a lot of time to make mistakes and learn from your mistakes.  Instead, we’ve laid out some very practical, and very specific tips to help you thrive on the mission field.  Why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from ours?

Let us help you get ready for your short term mission trip.  We’ll teach you essential lessons from fundraising to cultural adjustment so you can effectively serve overseas.

Thing You Can Expect To Learn From The Short Term Missions Handbook

  • A step by step guide on how to successfully fundraise
  • All the practical nuts and bolts including – what to pack, avoiding sickness, staying safe, exchanging currency overseas, and lots more
  • Things that might surprise you on the mission field
  • 10 important things every short termer should know
  • How to thrive on the mission field
  • The personal advantages and disadvantages of short term missions
  • 6 essential characteristics of effective short term missionaries
  • How to deal with criticisms about your summer mission plans
  • Dealing with the adjustment back to your home culture
  • How to get prepared
  • The amazing benefits of short term missions
  • How to understand and deal with the issue of poverty
  • Basic facts about culture shock
  • Questions to ask your local host or local missionary
  • Important information to leave with your family
  • How to be helpful to your hosts
  • Dealing with feelings of inadequacy
  • What the Bible teaches about missions
  • Common reasons why people decide not to go
  • How to answer the question, “Am I called to missions?”

Does Your Church Have A Short Term Missions Resource?

We live in a unique time of history.

Just a couple of generations ago a trip from the United States to Japan would take about three weeks by boat.  Now, in a day you can be in the land of the rising sun.  Many churches have recognized this opportunity and started to send short term missionaries to the ends of the earth.

This is an extremely valuable, but also expensive undertaking.

Our prayer, is that churches who send individuals on short term mission trips will be sure they are properly equipped before heading overseas.  If your church does not require a book on short term missions, don’t you think this small investment will return great results?

When investing thousands of dollars in short term missions churches should consider investing just a few extra dollars to be sure their participants are prepared.

Buy the Short Term Mission Handbook

I had several missionaries and former short term missionaries review the book an almost all of them said the book was a “must read”.  If you want to know why the liked it so much I’d encourage you to visit the Short Term Missions handbook page.

Click here to buy the Short Term Mission Handbook or learn more about the book.Short Term Missions Handbook


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