Shopping at Second Hand Stores: Advantage #1

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Are you too proud to shop at second hand stores?  Are you concerned about the quality of clothing?  Not worth your effort.

I am going to be sharing a series of posts with the hope to get you to at least consider putting on a hat and some dark glasses and heading into a second hand store.

Exhibit #1: A pair of Asics running shoes that my wife purchased.  She has been in need of a new pair of shoes because her old shoes literally fell apart.  After entering our second used clothing store she found the shoes (yes, there is another one!) pictured above.  The cost … $1.00.  The day before she was in a mall and our best find was $35.00.

Here is the best part of my story – that incredibly low price isn’t the reason I want you to check out a second hand store.

Look at the picture below:


Somehow her shoes got jammed under a heater with coils and burned two lines onto the toe of the shoes.  When we first noticed the marking we checked out everything we thought of that could cause the marking.  Our Sherlock Holmes investigation didn’t provide much insight until I noticed the heating coils.  One week ago she bought some beautiful $1 shoes second hand.

How annoying would it be if those shoes cost $100?  Or even $35?

Reason Number One for shopping at second hand clothing stores … It doesn’t bother you too much when something gets ripped, broken, stolen, lost, or destroyed.