Set Your Spending Priorities or Someone Else Will

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Someone will determine how much living costs.

  • It could be your bank.  You could decide how much car you can afford based on whatever amount of loan the bank is willing to extend to you.
  • It could be your employer.  How much do you think the bank will be willing to lend you?  I can guarantee that it will be closely related to how much your employer is willing to pay you. 
  • It could be your children.  If they’ve asked for something and you find it impossible to say no, then they dictate your spending.
  • It could be your impulses.  You buy based on whatever you feel like buying.  If you feel hungry, you stop to eat.  If you feel like having new shoes, you stop to shop.  If you feel like you need a vacation, you take it.

The problem with each of these approaches is that they are responsive and lack intentionality.  More importantly, faith has very little impact on how you spend your money in any of the above situations.

Our call as Christians is to be intentional and Spirit filled when determining how we will spend our money.

When motivated by spiritual conviction, you may not spend as much as your bank says you can spend. 

Too often our finances are simply a reaction to and a reflection of what we are paid, loaned, and want.

As a result, we must emphasize the liberation of choice.

  • You can choose to live on less than you make.
  • You can choose to borrow less than the bank is willing to lend you.
  • You can choose to say ‘no’ to your children or your desires.

When you make those intentional decisions, you’ll find that you have financial purpose

This is one reason why I think budgeting is important and why I think budgeting can be a spiritual discipline.  To set a budget is to plan how you spend your money before your get your money.  Lord willing, your plan with that money will Glorify the King and Master over all we own. 

Another tool to help (in addition to the budget) is praying about something like the graduated tithe.  Try to find some system to help you intentionally spend your money

How do you prioritize your spending?

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