8 Ways We’ve Saved Money in the Last 8 Days

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Every day most of us pursue opportunities to save money. The things listed below are really good ideas, and I think you should try them, too.  Other ideas are simply silly, but still things I do.

1.  I shaved with an electric razor and a blade razor.

I love the feel of a blade razor.  I don’t know if my face is broken or what, but electric razors never seem to get a close enough shave.  However, I can’t buy quality blades here in Alotau.  My solution is that I first shave with an electric razor (quickly), then I follow up with my blade razor.  When I’m done, I dry the razor blade and then rub it on my skin 10 times (a tip I got from Wisebread).  My in-laws  where were in August and they left 4 Gillette Mach 3 blades.  I just put the 3rd blade in, so each blade is lasting about 2.5 months.

Yes, I do shave every day.

2.  I signed up for Groupon and TripAlertz.

A little late to the game, aren’t we, Mr. Ford?

Yes, I suppose so.  After hearing everyone talk about Groupon, I finally took the time to add my own email to the list.  Groupon is a site that sends emails with a daily saving opportunity.  Usually 50% off this or that.

TripAlertz is a similar site, but it focuses on travel related deals.

You can sign up for Groupon by clicking here and TripAlertz by clicking here.

save money3.  We rewash Ziploc storage bags.

When I was working in Memphis I remember my boss talking about how she saw the most ridiculous thing on Opera.  There were people on the show who actually rewash Ziploc bags.

I shrunk down in my chair and shook my head in disbelief.

But, I still do it.

4.  I checked my credit score for free.

With my Credit Karma account, I can get a good idea of what is happening with my credit score.  The check is free, but some folks say it is not an accurate credit score.  Actually, Credit Karma just started offering a free Vantage Score and Auto Insurance Score as well.  We talked about the importance of a credit score.  Hey, a poor credit history might even cost you a job offer.

5.  We used cloth diapers.

Yes, they can be yucky.  But once you desensitize yourself to the whole process, there’s nothing to it.  Thinking about cloth diapers?  Check out Disposable Diapers Vs. Cloth Diapers.

6.  I applied for 75,000 bonus miles AAdvantage credit card.

GASP.  While I am convinced that some spend more with credit, I’m just not sure credit cards cost everyone more money.  Here’s a post where I analyzed cash vs credit card spending.

Yes, I’m a fan of credit card rewards.   That is especially true if you are a travel junkie like me and love collecting air miles bonuses and other points through sign up bonuses.  I got an AAdvantage CitiCard credit card that has a 75,000 point bonus.  I’m giving those points a $750 value.

7.  I made a transaction at Charles Schwab.

I have (actually just sold) some fee free ETF’s from Schwab.  They have super low operating costs, and you don’t pay anything to buy and sell.  If you’re investing be sure you’ve found a discount online stock broker.

8.  I negotiated with someone.

I’m not good a negotiating, and I only have one trick.  “Is that the best price you can offer?”  We’re making some travel arrangements and I asked a hotel to drop the price.  In the end they couldn’t drop it, but since the prices have gone up since they initially offered me a rate, they decided to honor the originally quoted rate.

I’m also a customer with a monthly service.  I’ve experienced technical difficulties so I emailed asking the to comp me for the hassle.  I ended up with a free month ($22 value).

Want to learn how to do it?  Read Negotiating for Negotiaphobics: Negotiate Better With This One Skill

What things have you done in the last 8 days to save money?


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    Interesting note on the razors… I have an electric and hate it for the reason you mentioned: it doesn’t get the job done. I’ve since gone back to entirely bladed razors, but maybe if I used the two in tandem I wouldn’t spend so much on blades. Man, what a simple solution I’ve been overlooking!

  2. says

    Nice tips here Craig! I’ve never heard the one about how to make razors last longer! I’ll have to try that out!

    I still haven’t signed up for Groupon, since from what I’ve heard, you have to live in a larger city to take advantage of the deals. I don’t think we have enough frugal-minded folks living in our trailer park in Frugal Holler to be interested!

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