Save Money On Heating And Cooling Costs

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Save Money

10 Ways To Save Money On Heating And Cooling Costs

  1. Do an energy audit of your house, identifying areas where heated air is leaking out. Close off the leaks using caulk, weather stripping, and other appropriate means.
  2. When heating your home, turn down the thermostat by 3-5 degrees when you’re at home.
  3. When heating your home, set the thermostat to 55 degrees, or turn off the heating system when you’re not at home.
  4. When cooling your home, turn up the thermostat by 3-5 degrees when you’re at home.
  5. When cooling your home, set the thermostat to 85 degrees, or turn off the cooling system when you’re not at home.
  6. Consider a programmable thermostat to raise and lower the temperature at pre-set times.
  7. Dirty air filters restrict airflow and increase energy use. Before the heating and cooling seasons, check your filters as required by the manufacturer. Replace them when necessary.
  8. With your air conditioner, consider getting a tune-up done by a qualified professional. This could save up to 30% on your cooling costs.
  9. If your home has air conditioning and you live in a moderate climate zone, consider getting a whole house fan. This will reduce energy consumption by pulling cool air into your home from the outside, and moving warm air out through the attic.
  10. Replace your central AC or heat pump with an Energy Star qualified model with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 14 or higher. These units offer higher energy savings.

Have any tips on how to save money on heating and cooling costs?


  1. kelliinkc says

    Well, first I must say that I think these numbers are a bit unrealistic. Does Darren live in Seattle? Perhaps Colombia, S. A. where the average daily temp is 72 degrees year round? Truthfully, the only way my A/C thermostat would be reading 85 would be if the power went out! 85 degrees is simply too hot for those of us going through “the change” ;-) here in the midwest with our humidity (pity the poor folks in the south). Do people really keep the A/C at 85 while they are at home? I keep ours set in the 70-72 degree range, with an occasional 74 if I am sitting for prolonged periods. My electric bill for August was well under $200. I know plenty of families with 200-400$ electric bills and their thermostat is set to be warmer than mine. My parents’ bill rarely falls below $400 and my sister’s family is at $700/mo (straight out of the mouth of my BIL–they also have a much bigger house and live much farther south–600 miles farther) One Christmas we were out of town for 2 weeks. My husband had set the heat thermostat to 55 degrees and we came home to frozen pipes!! I am home during the day and keep the thermostat set at 68 degrees in the winter and put it back to 64 at night. I think that we have only hit $200 heating bills a couple of times and that has been during the times that gas prices went up–our usage did not -and we have lived in the same modest 2 story home for 17 years. There are plenty of McMansions close to us and I know from friends who live in them that they would love to have a $200 or lower electric or gas bill. So, my tip for saving on your energy bills would be to heat/cool a smaller area! Now, if I could just figure out how to control my phantom energy loss from all of our modern day conveniences maybe I could turn down the A/C a bit more or turn up that heat……. Just kidding, my family would revolt if I did that!!

  2. says

    The best way I think to save money with anything is to live in a house that is not, too large. So many of use live in a house that is way too large for our family. If you can not change the square footage of your house, take a look at what part of your house that you do not use and close it off. We are all spoiled and we all need to think about living in a smaller home. This would save us alot of money. Business that have large conference rooms that are not being used, should consider closing them off from the heat or a/c until they are needed. This is waste at it best. It seems like the more money we make, the more wasteful we become.

  3. Scott F says

    Close your closet doors! You don’t need to heat and air that square footage (unless it is really a big one) so close the door! :)

    We use ceiling fans — a lot. This allows us to turn the air up a little and still feel cooler since we have the breeze blowing from the fans. We have 8 in our house so we really do believe in this!

    In the winter, after you have cooked something in the oven, turn it off but leave the door propped open a little to let the leftover heat escape into your house, thus causing the heat to go a little longer before coming on.

    For those in colder climates than me in Texas, I have heard that putting insulation on the inside of your garage doors can help keep your garage warmer, which keeps your house warmer, which makes the heater run less often.

  4. Marlene says

    In the summer, close the curtains on the east and south sides of the house in the morning and the south and west side of the house in the afternoon. In the winter, do the opposite.

  5. says

    In the winter, use a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Humid air retains heat much better than dry air. The humidity will make you feel warmer at lower temperatures.

    In the summer, use fans to move air around you home. Moving air can feel up to 5 degrees cooler, allowing you to feel more comfortable at higher temperatures.

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