Save Money by Listening???

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At times women tend to complain that men do not listen. Men commonly defend themselves by saying they just have selective listening skills.
A few days ago I was in a doctor’s office reading a magazine. Actually, I wasn’t reading anything because there was nothing of value to read by flipping through a magazine. Sure seemed like a better plan than staring at a blank wall though. While I was reading, a nurse entered the room and called my name (three times). "You’re just like my husband," she complained as we walked together. "Men just don’t listen."

Photo You’re not listening by kalandrakas

What if I told you you could save money just by listening? I think most of us could.

While I run there is not much else to do than listen. While I could listen to music I find it much more informative to listen to something that might affect or impact me. If you are a runner, listen to the radio a lot, or drive a lot I wanted to suggest two podcasts you can listen to that might help you with your money.

The first is MoneyLife, a Crown Financial Ministries 30 minute radio show. Click here to download up to two weeks worth of programs.

The second is the Dave Ramsey Show. Dave Ramsey hosts a three hour radio show daily, but allows one hour of his show to be downloaded free each day. To get the Dave Ramsey Show I suggest you download a postcast organizer like Zencast and update it daily to get the show. To download the organizer click here. From there you just need to subscribe to the Dave Ramsey Show.