Round Up Without The Roundup Edition

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During the last week and a half I have hardly had an opportunity to sit in front of a computer.  The articles you have been reading were written and posted weeks ago.  Our family has now completed the long journey from Houston, Texas to Alotau, Papua New Guinea (PNG).  All told, we spent just over 40 hours either sitting on a plane or sitting in airports waiting for connections.  I am happy to report that when we arrived at our home we found out that for the first time in three years of living in PNG we have phones and internet options available at our house.  Gotta love technology!  The internet is quite expensive and is billed per megabyte so I won’t be spending hours on the computer, but each day I will be able to moderate comments and reply to your remarks.

I have been working this week at setting up a temporary office.  Pictured below is my makeshift office that will get me through the next several weeks (or months).  In the future I might just post about how to set up a rustic office on a tight budget :).


Since I have not read a single blog post this week I thought it would be a little tacky to pass along any articles I enjoyed reading.

Money Help For Christians and on the Web:

Best of Money Carnival my article Seven Blessing From Economic Weakness as selected as #7 best personal finance article on the web.

Carnival of Personal FinanceHow to Hedge Your Gasoline Prices

Money Hacks CarnivalDave Ramsey: An Introduction for Newcomers

Festival of Frugality – Chronicles of a Second Hand Book Buying Expedition

My Weekly Post at Bible Money Matters – Business and Bible Terms: “Gain”

Scheduling Changes Effective This Week:

Regular readers of Money Help For Christians (MH4C) may have noticed a topical posting schedule, but I suspect many of you just read articles without looking for a pattern.  Since I plan to change my posting schedule this week, I thought it would be good to share the schedule with you.

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I will blog about general issues related to earning, saving, and spending money.

Wednesday: Bible and money related post where we talk about issues related to your faith and your finances.

Friday: Weekly round up which includes some things I have enjoyed reading through the week along MH4C’s weekly carnival inclusions or other news on the web.

Saturday: A second Bible and money related post where we explore how the Bible impacts how we manage our money.

Sunday: Devotional – I am going to break away from the financial mold of this blog and post a devotional thought on any Christian topic.  As a minister, there are many other topics I have wanted to address, and Sunday will open the door for me to discuss some broader topics that deal with faith.

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