Using Robo Form to Organize Your Finances

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For approximately three years now I have used a program called RoboForm to help me organize my finances.  I have absolutely loved RoboForm and I think it could help you organize your finances (no, I don’t get a commission for saying that).  If you are looking for a way to organize your internet related financial information, I suggest you check out RoboForm.

How I use RoboForm to Organize my Finances:

Safe Notes:

Safe notes are like any standard word processing program (very similar to Notepad) except you can add a password to (1) enter into the safe note section, and (2) to open specific safe notes.  So for example, if you wanted to get into my safe note file you would need the password.  Once there if you wanted to access my ING Direct ATM PIN you would need a different password.  By the way, the passwords are … umm.  Actually, I don’t think I want to include that.

Here is how I use Safe Notes:

  • I record the ATM PIN Numbers for bank cards (just in case I ever forget).
  • I store frequent flyer numbers and access codes for my family.
  • I keep phone banking numbers and codes.
  • I even store security questions associated with certain accounts.  Questions you should never forget like who was your favorite teacher?  Well, sometimes I forget what I wrote so Safe Note has to swoop down to the rescue.
  • I store any important numbers like WEP codes for secure wireless networks.
  • Bank numbers that I want to have in one central location.


With RoboForm you can securely store all your internet login information.  This means, for example, when I sign in for my bank I just click on that login bar and it goes to the site, enters my username, enters my password, and opens the account – all without me typing a single item.

This is a great way to store all those different login names and passwords to your bank, investment firm, frequent flyer clubs, and any other site that requires a username and password.

Password Generator:

RoboForm can randomly generate passwords up to 511 characters.  Wow, that would be a long password.  I can almost guarantee you that if you don’t have a program like RoboForm you probably have every account use the same password.  This means if someone gets their hands on your password they can get into your bank and your investment firm and anywhere else they want.  RoboForm allows you to generate safer passwords and then automatically stores those passwords.


Again this feature is password protected.  It allows you to fill in all your private information – address, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security.  Then when you get to a form that asks for that information you simply click on the identity and it automatically fills in all the information for you.  It saves a ton of time and helps you organize all that information in once place.

For our family this identity section also serves as our documentation for the surviving spouse if there were ever an emergency.  It has all our banks, account numbers, and contact information all there in one easy to access location.

Jump Drive Backup:

If you are on the road you can take all your information with you on a jump drive.

A complete list of benefits and features can be found on RoboForm’s website.

RoboForm Details

Any drawbacks of RoboForm?

The only issue I have had with RoboForm is if I go somewhere away from my computer (where all my information is stored) and I don’t have a backup jump drive, I cannot access any of my accounts because I do not actually know any of my passwords.  In three years I have only had that problem once.

As for the level of security I am not a computer guru so I would not be able to speak about how secure RoboForm is.  Nevertheless, I have not had any problems in my three years of usage. 

How Much Does it Cost?

A single license costs $29.95 per computer.  This is a lifetime membership so your account will be upgraded every time there is a new release.  There is also usually a special that will allow you to get a second license for $9.95.  You can get more pricing details here.


If you are looking for a tool to help you organize all your internet financial information into one location, I highly recommend RoboForm.  And no, I do not get any commission for suggesting RoboForm. I just think it will help you organize your finances.

Anyone else use RoboForm?  What are your thoughts on the program?  Any other similar programs you would suggest instead?

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