Ten Money Saving Road Trip Tips Revisited

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Several weeks ago I published an article on Ten Ways to Save Money on a Summer Road Trip.  This weekend I made a quick drive from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Beatrice, Nebraska and back.  The two day trip made me consider if my own words about saving on a road trip were really helpful.

Rules I broke:

Suggestion Number Three – Save Money on Gas.

I suggested you save money on gas by doing two things:

  1. Get a gas cost estimate from AA.  I did that before I left.  The trip to Lincoln and back was supposed to cost around $99.  I left with 3/4 of a tank and the total gas bill was $105.79.  Pretty accurate I would say.
  2. The second suggestion was to check Gas Buddy before driving off blindly.  Oops.  I didn’t do this one and it cost me.  I got gas in four cities:

Cheyenne: 2.359 per gallon

Kearney (NE): 2.499 per gallon

Ogallala (NE): 2.799 per gallon

Lincoln (NE) 2.399 per gallon

Had I checked prices before I left I could have filled up in Cheyenne before I left and completely cut out the $2.799 per gallon tank of gas.

Suggestion Number Eight – Take Advantage of Current Hotel Promotions

I didn’t take advantage of any current hotel promotions because I couldn’t get a brand with a promotion for close enough to a Priceline price.  With fees and everything I paid $50 for a Comfort Suites hotel for the night.

Rules I followed:

Suggestions Number Four and Five – Don’t buy food at convenience stores and take a cooler.

I took some pop that was purchased at a local grocery store for $2.75 for a 12 pack.   Because it was a quick trip I ended up drinking 6 cokes going and coming (I needed the caffeine fix).  The total drink bill was $1.38.  If I had stopped in addition to taking more time at $1.25 each I would have paid $7.50 for drinks.  I also took snacks with me and didn’t buy any along the way.  Probably a savings of $5.00.


The Ten Money Saving Ideas for a Road Trip are good ideas and will save you money.  Of course, the longer the trip, the more you’ll save.  I made a believer out of myself.

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