Rat Attack: My Epic Battle with Rats (Yes, and Weekly Roundup)

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Living overseas presents some interesting experiences.  When I first arrived in PNG, my printer wasn’t working.  I read through all of the help and troubleshooting manuals I could find, but nothing fixed the problem.  Eventually, I found a dead gecko in the printer wheel that grabs the paper. 

Lately our problem has been with rats.

When we arrived back from our vacation, our truck smelled like a hamster cage.  It didn’t take long for me to realize some rats HAD been inside the truck. I had some paper on the floor that they ate.  Rats tear stuff up when they are finding supplies to make a home.  They even ate a hole in the back seat of my truck (but I think that is covered under a warrantee, right?).  I grabbed a broom, only for self defense, and slowly removed everything from the truck.  All along I was expecting an epic encounter with a rat, but I never found them.  Good riddens.

Last time I went away they (either the rats or dogs) chewed my truck wires that go back to control my rear breaks. 

Yesterday I found a rat in my office.  He made a home in my bottom shelf drawer. 

And now, there is a stench in my office like something died – but I can’t find it.  We have company next week and I just hope the stench becomes putrid enough so I can locate the dead whatever.  My office doubles as our guest room.

Enough about me, how was your week?

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    • says

      @Financial bondage
      There are some disadvantages, but there are also some very nice advantages.
      Thanks for passing along the site.

  1. Scott F says


    Ugh on the rats! Yuck! I hope you find it before your guests arrive.

    Don’t know if Jeri has told you about our fun stuff! In the past 10 days: our hot water heater went out (took 3 plumbers and one of them committing fraud against us) and 5 days to repair, our 13 year old dog died, Jenna had an endoscopy, Sandy’s dad had heart surgery, the car broke down in Ft. Worth when Sandy was up there for the surgery and is still in the shop up there, I broke out in poison ivy for the first time in my life, our air conditioning at the house broke over the weekend and thus far is still not repaired and this morning, the entire neighborhood lost all running water! All of these are not that big a deal but when piled together, it gets a little annoying!

    Don’t you wish you hadn’t asked about my week? LOL!

    • says

      @Scott F.
      Dear Job – hmm that isn’t right, Dear Scott.
      Sorry to hear about all the trouble these last few days. I’d take rats over all those issues. This Sunday I’m preaching about sickness and I’m highlighting how the Bible LONGS for the return of Christ. It is days like your describing when there is no doubt that there is something better in store.
      I pray God finishes your days of trial and then comforts you though all these events.

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